Slider 1 We hereby declare that Temax can guarantee the flow of thermal packaging for pharmaceuticals and health products to our international customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This guarantee is provided by our three international factories and separate warehouses where continuous stock flow and QA is provided. COVID-19 Manufacturing Stability Declaration Slider 1 Hierbij verklaren wij dat Temax de flow van thermische verpakkingen voor farmaceutica en healthcare naar onze internationale klanten kan garanderen. Deze garantie wordt geboden door onze drie internationale fabrieken en afgescheiden magazijnen waar continue voorraadstromen en QA worden verzorgd. COVID-19 Productie stabiliteitsverklaring Slider 1 Hiermit erklären wir dass Temax die Anlieferung von Thermoverpackungen für Pharmazeutika und Gesundheitsprodukte an unsere internationalen Kunden garantieren kann. Diese Garantie bieten unsere drei internationalen Produktionen und separaten Lager, in denen für kontinuierliche Warenflüsse und Qualitätssicherung gesorgt ist. Erklärung zur Produktionsstabilität Slider 1 Nous déclarons par la présente que Temax peut garantir le flux d'emballages thermiques pour les produits pharmaceutiques et de santé à nos clients internationaux. Cette garantie est fournie par nos trois usines internationales et nos entrepôts séparés où les flux de stock continus et l'assurance qualité sont pris en charge. Déclaration de stabilité de la production

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TEMPERATURES - Testing and Qualifications

Below you can find themes and services within the section “Temperature testing”. If you have further questions in regards to temperature tests, we will gladly assist you.

We perform temperature tests - product qualification - customer validation

We often get the question from our customers how long a certain temperature can be preserved or maintained in a certain situation. As we all know, this question is impossible to answer seeing the temperature preservation of passive cooling systems (no cooler engines) is influenced by a lot of subjects. Yet, to offer some kind of reference on the possibilities, we have performed some temperature tests which you can find in the groups below. Do you have specific wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Due to customer NDA agreements we cannot publish all temperature test results.

Test Protocol EN-12546-2 on thermal blankets & covers

All temperature tests with passive cooling systems for airfreight, sea freight and road transport, where pallet loads are used as load carriers, are performed according to the test protocol EN-12546-2 as standard load configuration. Other temperature tests with other load configurations can be applied according to specific customer wishes.

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